Trade Missions

Strengthening Australia’s business relationships with Israel

AICC Trade Missions play a crucial role in raising awareness of the vast landscape of opportunities that exist between Australian and Israel. As the world’s leading startup nation, Israel has much to offer in the way of innovative thinking, creativity and ingenuity. Through our Trade Missions, we provide exciting opportunities to learn from the best and harness innovation right here in Australia.

Since 1989, the AICC has been facilitating annual trade delegations to Israel in order to forge closer business relationships between Australia and Israel, with a focus on trade, collaboration and innovation. Within recent years, the prominence and frequency of these delegations has rapidly increased. This is due to growing recognition of the importance of innovation and forming strategic partnerships with launching pads like Israel.

Commercial outcomes derived from our Trade Missions extend beyond the bilateral trade statistics, spanning joint ventures, technology transfer agreements, academic exchanges, partnership arrangements in third markets, cooperation agreements between Australian and Israeli business associations, and an increase in trade.

Our Trade Missions are themed around relevant Australian industry policy, aiming to deliver not only commercial benefits to the companies, but also to significantly boost the Australian economy. Encouraging diverse representation from political leaders, public sector decision makers, academia, and broad private sector interests greatly assists us in delivering these outcomes.

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The startup ecosystem

According to the 2015 Startup Genome Project, Israel is currently ranked 5th in the world for startup and has the highest technological startups density in the world. Sitting alongside Silicon Valley, Israel is a world leader and game changer in innovation. The country boasts the world’s highest concentration of startups and accelerators within a small geographical space and with a population of just 8.2 million.

According to Israel’s IVC Research Center, the country houses over 3000 tech-related startups, predominately centred around Tel Aviv. Over 260 high profile multinational companies have established research and development centres in Israel, such as Apple, Google and IBM, as a result of this, about 39% of Israeli hi-tech industry employees are employed in these global companies' R&D centers. Innovation really is the essence of Israel.

With such a thriving economy based on startups, innovation and a culture of entrepreneurism there is no question as to why companies, governments and individuals are turning to Israel to learn from the financing initiatives, culture, the supporting infrastructure and abundance of talent.